The Method of 64 of consulting the I Ching

Finally I’ve got around copying the “Method of 64” from a printout of a defunct website. This is a method of consulting the I Ching created by Francis L. Szot, back in 1997 or 1998, or maybe even before that time. I don’t know what happened to his website, which I remember had lots of thoughts on the I Ching, including the method I copied below.
A kind soul from Hilary’s OnlineClarity Forum, whom will remain nameless by her own desire for anonimity, provided me with a paper copy she printed herself from Szot’s website years ago. Thank you!!
I should note that this is a very interesting method for consulting the I Ching: it has the same casting probabilities of the Yarrow Stalks combined with the immediacy of the 3 Coins method. I like it! I personally believe that the odds for obtaining lines using Yarrow were purposedly created that way and should be used that way for consulting the Yi.
Here is a link to the page I created, giving Francis L. Szot proper credit for his Method:
The Method of 64
You could also find the same link at the right of this page.

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