Have you ever looked for signs?

Well, I am always looking for them. I don’t usually find them, but, sometimes they just jump at you. For the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a few. Some of them can make you reflect about what comes next…
A few nights ago, I was driving home for dinner when something to my left caught my eye. Since I live in a semi-rural community in New Jersey, the sight of animals by the road don’t particularly get my attention. However, this was a sad sight. A beautiful little fawn, stil covered with small white patches all over its body, was standing along the road, just watching across to the other side to a field of green soybeans. I followed its sight and to my right I saw his mother, laying on the ground, dead. Doing fifty miles an hour did not help and could not spend much time thinking about it. That is, until I got back to work from dinner and the fawn was still there, still staring across the road and, not yet weaned off his mother, trying to graze, not knowing what to do next.
The next morning the fawn was gone. One can but wonder what would happen to it. The turkey buzzards, however, were hard at work feeding on the carcass of the doe by the side of the road. Now, this and on itself is nothing much to give you many signs. What made me think of them is that when I rode back home that night, on the side of the road, next to the dead and half eaten doe, were the flat carcasses of two buzzards. Now, don’t misunderstand me, for all the carrion they eat, they are very smart birds, not mentioning the fact that in the area where we live they are used to stay away from cars on the road. I’ve never before seen a buzzard ran over by a car… Do you see? The combination of this facts are a sign of things to come.
Another little sign manifested itself yesterday when I was on my way to Delaware from home. A beautiful green Katydid climbed to my side mirror for a ride. What’s interesting, besides being a first, is that from the time I left home until I decided to stick my hand, pick it up and let it fly, some 6 miles away from where I started, the little creature just hung to smooth back of the mirror like a kid holds to the front of a seat on a wild rollercoaster. Amazing! The katydid sustained an air draft of up to sixty miles an hour, the little antennae flying back like the long mane of a biker riding a Harley down Route 66. I still don’t know how it did it but I reached a point where I was afraid the air draft would dislodge it from the mirror and the poor little thing would become a green splatter on the windshield of the car behind me. At the toll both of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I carefully picked it up (I had to tug a little…) and let it fly away. All along I’ve got the feeling that it was trying to say something to me.
Today I searched for some information on katydids and synchronicity brought me to a site where Chinese Cricket Culture is discussed. For that alone I owe my little friend a heartfelt thank you!

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