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“10. Times” by Ricardo Andrée

The present work is a translation of Part 2, Section 10, of the book “Tratado I Ching — El Canon de las Mutaciones — “El Séptimo Tiempo”” by [..]

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Total Man V1.0

Much like Don Quixote and his monomania with knights and chivalry novels, my non-fiction “monomania” is with the Yijing (or “I Ching,” as popularized by the Wilhelm/Baynes translation [..]

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Parisology and Perissology pits

I admit it, it is my fault. The haiku-like nature of Twitter lends itself to the dangers of open interpretation by others. Furthermore, the two-way nature of the [..]

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“Word Magic” and mavericking votes

While feeding my Yijing OCD of reading all I can get my hands on related to it, I found the following passage in Richard Smith’s latest book, “Fathoming [..]

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Terence McKenna on the Yijing

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Don’t mess with Yeeks

Now, this is something I believe couldonly happen in China. Mr. Fang Shi-Min, aka Fang Zhouzi, a scientific debunker from China, has been sued by the family of [..]

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Yi-Toons: 21.4 > 27

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About the Yi and what it is (not)

Last night I posted the following in a forum I read, and write on, about the Yijing. Write is mostly an euphemism, of course, although I take the [..]

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A Yi interpretation I did for a friend…

Quote: I asked the yi what is holding me back in my professional life. (i believe this question is a mix of a inner-self/every day life issues). i [..]

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Don’t blame me…

I went to a local Borders book store today looking for some clues; I went straight to the expected bookshelf only to find this:

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