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Lettres juives or The Jewish Spy

The other day, after reading something a friend posted on his Facebook wall about “Revelations of a Lady Detective,’ a collection of stories originally published in 1864,” the [..]

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Supernaturality in its proper place.

Well, no, and no because a concept such as “supernaturality” would be meaningless. Even the Second Coming of Christ would most likely be received with a “hey, dude, [..]

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A lost Valentine’s card

Well, I suppose it was, perhaps, a little Valentine’s card that was sent with a heavy heart at the loss of a lover that moved away in search [..]

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Parisology and Perissology pits

I admit it, it is my fault. The haiku-like nature of Twitter lends itself to the dangers of open interpretation by others. Furthermore, the two-way nature of the [..]

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Nobody takes my feelings into consideration…

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It makes me wonder…

When is the territorial China going to shrink. I mean, you can’t have it both ways. Be a capitalist powerhouse and keep a totalitarian regime (cough! cough!, yes, [..]

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Speaking of omens…

A twister in the middle of London? Not a mini-tornado, but a genuine twister  – Britain – Times Online: Today’s tornado in North West London was a medium-sized [..]

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Holy Greeks!

I’m starting to believe in Atlantis again… Ancient astronomical�device thrills�scholars – The Antikythera Mechanism is the earliest known device to contain an intricate set of gear wheels. [..]

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Hey, the man is pro women!!

…If unveiled women are “uncovered meat”, we men are just wild pack animals… The onus is on us, no? Poor man, he’s been mistaken… Not!! What a crock! [..]

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Humorless at the Department of State…

What can I say, most of the time I don’t have to beat my writer’s block to death. Many times, things to write about seem to fall on [..]

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