Social Consciousness


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Here is a group of pictures that would help, some of us, to reflect on the times we live. These are details of a sculpture by Jacob Epstein called Social Consciousness. The sculpture sit at the back of the Philadelphia Art Museum. It is interesting to note that as of this date, this sculpture is not listed as one of his selected works in the Wikipedia entry. I believe is one of his most compelling works.

I made a series of photographs of the sculpture, from different angles, trying to isolate the most striking features of the work. I will go back, someday, to keep finding different angles. This is a work to explore.

Social Consciousness.

4 thoughts on “Social Consciousness”

  1. Nice sculpture and nice shot, but I don’t like the dropshadow under his chin.
    The men looks sad or thinking about a problem he couldn’t solve.
    Nothing I can do about the sun falling the way it did and I wasn’t going to use fill flash on such a beautiful day. I do like the shadow though. As for the sad face, well, the sculpture is named Social Consciousness and no, that’s a problem that it could NOT be solved by one person. This is a suffering person and the reason Epstein captured the sad looks. Take a look at the other pictures in the album and you will see other angles. Cheers.

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