Lucky shot…

This was one of those cases where you get what you didn’t intend to get. My favorite form of meditation is to go down to the river (the Delaware River, that is), a few blocks from home, and capture sunsets. (You can see many of those in here). I live in New Jersey, across the river from New Castle, Delaware. New Castle has a civilian airport that is also used by the Delaware National Guard and in the evening there is always a heavy traffic of planes returning to the base. What you see in the picture is the tail of a military plane about to land at the base against the contrast of the sun behind it. I shot some 160 pictures that evening a couple of days ago and this is the only frame where this juxtaposition happened. Now, that airport is about 4 or 5 miles away in a straight line across the river from where I was standing and I was manual focusing my 500mm lens to the distant background of the trees. I guess I can still focus OK…

Sunset over the Delaware

One thought on “Lucky shot…”

  1. Im glad you captured what we saw.I love the contrast of the colors.
    Me alegro que hayas captado lo que vimos.Me encantan los contrastes de los colores.
    Besos, Jula

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