Fallen Silo, Two

Here is one of a series of pictures I took documenting the demolition of three grain silos at the port of Salem NJ (you can see the silos as they original were in a nice picture I took of a sunrise, here: “Dawn colors over Salem NJ”

The twisted metal of the fallen silos gave me an opportunity to play with the composition and select portions of my original picture to show what I like and saw in my mind. It is certainly a personal preference but, many times, I shoot wide angles and then select portions I like rather than crop and compose with my viewfinder (click on the picture below for the original version). Of course, I do compose with my camera all the time, although I think wide angles are rich.

I have a whole series of these pictures (I took about a hundred of them from different angles) The picture below is just one of the original photographs.


Here is another version I cropped from the same original and rendered in B&W.

Fallen silo, Two

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