Misguided targets…

“…the fallacy that good is limited by evil, and that you cannot
receive any good except through eliminating the corresponding
evil by realizing it and beating it back. In this view, life
becomes a continual combat against every imaginable form of evil,
and after we have racked our brains to devise precautions against
all possible evil happenings, there remains the chance, and much
more than the chance, that we have by no means exhausted the
category of negative possibilities, and that others may arise
that no amount of foresight on our part could have imagined. The
more we see into this position the more intolerable it becomes,
because from this standpoint we can never attain any certain
basis of action, and the sources of possible evil multiply as we
contemplate them. To set forth to outwit all evil by our
knowledge of its nature is to attempt a task the hopelessness of
which becomes apparent when we see it in its true light”
Judge Thomas Troward, “The Dore Lectures On Mental Science”.

This was written about a hundred years ago, Still, I’ve got a chill running thru my back when I read it. We, The Almighty People, are so much of a herd on this “War on Terrorism” that, when we drive past a milk farm, the cows go into fits of laughter…

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