When the Yi stops talking to you…

One of the worst things that can happen to a student of the Yi is that it will stop talking to her/him. Sure, you can keep asking to your heart’s content and something resembling an answer will come up, but, is it really “talking” to you? How do you know?
Since the moment I started using and studying the Yi I’ve had the feeling that a real sage inhabits the oracle. As a matter of fact, I doubt that many people using it seriously haven’t had that feeling at least once. C. G. Jung himself wondered about it and said as much. Once you get past the moment of surprise you then try to establish a relationship with that entity. It is only natural, and very human, to try to dialogue with something, or somebody, that appears to be talking to you.
But there lays some of the real dangers. Many people take this dialogue for granted.
The Yi, like any tired partner, can stop listening, and, when it does, it also shuts up. What results is that the querent ends up talking to himself. To a mirror that would only reflects what’s given to it and this, like with the mirror of Snow White’s Queen, is only what him/her wishes the most. Just an illusion.
Very few people have the maturity to see they are talking to a “yes” partner and everybody knows, or should know, what really dwells in such a partner’s heart.

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