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My many faces..

Something else I did tonight, under the reddish light of dusk, at the edge of the river, sitting in my truck, thinking of words spoken, thoughts inferred. I just started snapping pictures of my face, trying to find some good smiles and many plain goofy faces. The result is obvious: Real beauty is for girls…

She loathes me not

Just for people that does not know how to interpret a photograph… I was actually looking for a face like that for my photograph and why I liked it so much. My daughter is the one person that loves to tag along while I take pictures and the reason she’s present in many of these postings. When we are together I take pictures of her from every angle, most of the the time when she’s not even looking. Like in the case of the previous picture with her serious look at the camera, she lifted her head, while she was complaining about the ferry being late to take us to Fort Delaware and I was waiting with my camera ready. No, she wasn’t happy, but not at me…

You could also have a look at this one. Face expressions change constantly…

Candid shots. Those are the best.


In the sun, looking at you,
Seeing you as a part
Of me, the part
You always will be.
You hide and my eyes
Find your soul and I see
A you that’s impossible
To hide. My lens is my
Window and behind,
The garden of You.
My daughter, my beacon,
My purpose.