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Terence McKenna on the Yijing

I Ching

Bush Lost the War – Pass it on…

From Sam Crane’s blog: The Useless Tree: Bush Lost the War – Pass it on It seems to me that the simplest, most direct response to the continuing [..]


George Soros on Israel, America and AIPAC

Kudos to Soros and his article in the New York Review of Books. It is about time that the State of Israel steps down its high war horse [..]


The Futility of Sectarian Violence

Dr. Sam Crane and a gift from Mencius. A bell that tolled more than 2200 years ago and only but a few care to read in our days. [..]


Duh! What did you expect?

It is always easier to discard criticism off-hand rather than taking the time to lower arrogance and finding the roots of it… Washington – The White House rejected [..]


Hey, predictions “R” us…

…but I never claimed to have a Red Phone connection with the Almighty (or with the Netherworld, for that matter). If Pat Robertson was anybody but who he [..]


Out of the closet…

Shocker!! You know, is like one of those guys you meet and think “hmmm, he’s really in touch with his feminine side”, about two shades above metrosexual… May [..]


Speaking of omens…

A twister in the middle of London? Not a mini-tornado, but a genuine twister  – Britain – Times Online: Today’s tornado in North West London was a medium-sized [..]

Just Rants

Let me see if I get this right…

This “commodore” is pissed because, among other things, the deposed Prime Minister wanted give amnesty to the generals that orchestrated another coup in 2000? Hmm, I wonder if [..]


Red herrings…

Well, yes, it doesn’t make any sense. Mr. Putin has nothing to win by having this guy out of the way and much to lose if something like [..]