Red herrings…

Well, yes, it doesn’t make any sense. Mr. Putin has nothing to win by having this guy out of the way and much to lose if something like this is somehow connected to his administration. Mr. Putin has pissed off a lot of people on the way up, most of them people with as much money as a Saudi prince. Unfortunately, money is fuel and grease in the present we live in… Mind you, I’m not a fan of his policies, heavy handedness and the control of the press he exerts. He can appear to be a precursor of a new wave of Tzars, sans the nobility claims (that I know of…) On the other hand, I believe a country with the history that Russia has, needs a strong hand such as his. Russia can do much worse than Putin.

Anti-Russian conspirators killed KGB spy :

“The potential list of those who stood to benefit from Litvinenko’s death is a long one,” said a typical analysis in the daily Komsomolskaya Pravda last week. “One thing is certain, however. A scandal such as this one was not in the interests of the Russian authorities.”

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