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Out of the closet…

Shocker!! You know, is like one of those guys you meet and think “hmmm, he’s really in touch with his feminine side”, about two shades above metrosexual… May [..]


Speaking of omens…

A twister in the middle of London? Not a mini-tornado, but a genuine twister  – Britain – Times Online: Today’s tornado in North West London was a medium-sized [..]

Just Rants

Let me see if I get this right…

This “commodore” is pissed because, among other things, the deposed Prime Minister wanted give amnesty to the generals that orchestrated another coup in 2000? Hmm, I wonder if [..]


Red herrings…

Well, yes, it doesn’t make any sense. Mr. Putin has nothing to win by having this guy out of the way and much to lose if something like [..]


Holy Greeks!

I’m starting to believe in Atlantis again… Ancient astronomical´┐Żdevice thrills´┐Żscholars – The Antikythera Mechanism is the earliest known device to contain an intricate set of gear wheels. [..]

Just Rants

Don’t mess with Yeeks

Now, this is something I believe couldonly happen in China. Mr. Fang Shi-Min, aka Fang Zhouzi, a scientific debunker from China, has been sued by the family of [..]

I Ching