Is anyone paying…

…attention to Kurdistan and the Northern Irak? If you think sectarian violence is bad for Irak just add to the equation Turkey and Iran uniting their wills to take Kurds out of the it…

PUK alleges TSK launched artillery fire on northern Iraq – Turkish Daily News Sep 28, 2006

Over the weekend, a senior member of the peshmerga force in northern Iraq said that Turkish artillery units had opened fire on PKK camps in the Haftanin province of northern Iraq on Saturday night. A resulting fire burned for four hours, the peshmerga commander said, without elaborating as to whether anyone had been killed or injured in the blaze.
The PUK’s report yesterday also didn’t elaborate whether anyone had been killed or injured in the blaze.
Last month, the same Web site reported that a peasant was killed and another injured in artillery fire by Turkish and Iranian armed forces targeting PKK members based in a camp known as Hakurk, located near an area where the Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi borders meet.


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