Here goes the second book…

I just finished scanning and uploading the diagrams of the second Gen. Cheng’s book. I brought some books to work and used the scanner I have in the office. It is a slower process than using a camera but to use a camera one needs good, indirect light. Something I didn’t have around today. In any case, I think the results are more uniform with a scanner anyway.

As you can see, these scans include a cover picture, an Index and lots of tables I found together with the diagrams. Many of the diagrams I have seen already in the first book. The tables, on the other hand, may shed some further light on them and I think they are a very useful addition. The nice thing about the pages of this book is that they do include page numbers and if you read the Index you may be able to make up the chapter they are in. If anybody needs further information from any given chapter, let me know.

I was very happy to learn that Steve Marshall found some of my first diagrams useful and experienced some kind of epiphany while looking at one of the thumbnail pictures. He found a very interesting pattern in the circular Xiantian diagram by Shao Yong.

Well, I’m in the shipping business and one thing I see all the time on the bridge of the ships I board, are compasses. The pattern that Steve found is strikingly similar to a “Rose of the Winds” in a marine compass. I consider this to be a great find and I’m sure many more hidden patterns await in these diagrams.

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