The Palin-McCain equation…

Has anybody noticed how Palin is the one that talks for 20 minutes, get’s the crowd into a frenzy, and then passes the mic to McCain, he repeats his mantras like an obsessed for 5 minutes and then is over? The other day I commented that I thought that it was actually McCain the Trojan Horse for Palin (or Palin alikes) into the White House. If that is the “change” they propose, placing a Christian fundamentalist in the W.H. isn’t the kind that should be welcomed by anybody. Yes, the whole thing is “mavericking” (*) their way into the W.H.

The sad part is that they openly keep repeating the mantra of “maverick this,” “maverick that,” and nobody has noticed anything or even care by their choice of words. I’m sure the GOP strategists must be having a private blast of laughter…

(*) M-W definition of ‘mavericking’: 2 West : to obtain by dishonest or questionable means

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