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Sarah Palin taking cues from Bill Clinton’s…

…book of propriety… Of course, she didn’t inhale either… It reminds me of the tale of the “confirmed straight man;” you know, the one that tried sex with [..]


Soledad O’Brien’s shoddy reporting of the DNC

I posted the comment below in Jack Cafferty’s blog. I’ll post it here, just in case the “moderation” works against me… Cafferty File: Tell Jack how you really [..]


The other pieces on the board of Russia’s thoughts… :: As Russia shows Georgia its iron hand, a look at the love-hate relationship it shares with Soviet Union’s former ‘republics’ since USSR’s dissolution in 1991: As [..]


Well, duh!!

One only has to hear McCain talk yesterday… Asia Times Online :: Central Asian News and current affairs, Russia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan What is playing out in the Caucasus [..]


Master chess players…

It is hard to fathom such an amount of stupidity on the part of a supposedly “Western leader” like Saakashvili. What was he thinking? There are very few [..]


It makes me wonder…

When is the territorial China going to shrink. I mean, you can’t have it both ways. Be a capitalist powerhouse and keep a totalitarian regime (cough! cough!, yes, [..]

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