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This is like the third or four piece of news from UPI, in the past couple of weeks, where they quote information obtained from Debka. I mean, I’ve been reading the site since they opened the joint and although they have interesting articles and information, their track record on veracity is suspect… Is UPI, and other big names in information gathering and reporting, being lazy and off the field not to be able to come up with news like this on their own??

Egypt supporting Hamas, report claims –

A group of suspected Hamas fighters were arrested after allegedly returning from training courses in Iran and Syria. About 15 of the suspects were allegedly allowed to cross into Gaza with a cache of weapons and ammunition in ambulances, the Jerusalem military intelligence Web site DEBKAfile said.
Sources told DEBKAfile that the immigration of Hamas fighters coincided with the escalation of conflict between Israel and militants in Gaza. Israeli officials were hesitant to highlight the movement of fighters for fear of angering Cairo, as it expresses its support for Israel’s fight against militants.


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