N62 W141, Blind spots and a Major WTF!

Just one for the conspiracy theorists in all of us… I saw this at LightStalkers.com, a photography site. Well, if we think about it, not even the very mysterious Area 51 in Nevada (the Groom Lake area) is blocked by Google Earth (first picture).

Area 51

Now, what the heck is under that black swath on the border of USA and Canada? I don’t buy the theory of a satellite blind spot or it being so precise if it was one. Hey, I didn’t started it, I’m just as curious as everyone else…

U.S. / Canada 1

U.S. / Canada 2

U.S. / Canada 3

By the way, I was reading Google Earth License and this is a NON COMMERCIAL USE of those pictures and I’m not exporting information to any “questionable country”. If this is considered export of information, to friends or foes, then the Feds have a bigger problem than they think, i.e. the WHOLE FREACKING INTERNET…

Just Rants

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