“Schneekugeln” – Live Nativity…

This morning we went to an auction and I never fail to find many interesting things to photograph. This is a “Nativity Scene Globe” with a very interesting bacterial growth inside. The blurry parts of the picture are actually inside, floating in the water. They are three dimensional and they wave back and forth. Strange things, one sees. Strange omens, one observes…


Update, my fellow photographer, Karl Baumann told me the way they call these globes in Germany and even if I don’t know what kind of slang it is over there, I like the way it is spelled… I just renamed this picture in his honor… 🙂

Nativity globe…

One thought on ““Schneekugeln” – Live Nativity…”

  1. Looks intersting but if you know what it is it´s kind a of ugly.
    In Germany we call these things (the globe) “Schneekugeln” 🙂
    LOL!!! Thanks Karl!! I love the way that German word spells!! I’ll rename the picture!

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