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Nobody takes my feelings into consideration…


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The Palin-McCain equation…

Has anybody noticed how Palin is the one that talks for 20 minutes, get’s the crowd into a frenzy, and then passes the mic to McCain, he repeats his mantras like an obsessed for 5 minutes and then is over? … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs, the “Independent”

This is hilarious. Lou Dobbs paints himself “independent” only because not even the most rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth conservatives have a place for him. He’s so far to the Right that he qualifies as “infra-” or “ultra-” something, yet to be defined … Continue reading

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“Word Magic” and mavericking votes

While feeding my Yijing OCD of reading all I can get my hands on related to it, I found the following passage in Richard Smith’s latest book, “Fathoming the Cosmos and ordering the world”: A certain “word magic” gave early … Continue reading

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