It makes me wonder…

When is the territorial China going to shrink. I mean, you can’t have it both ways. Be a capitalist powerhouse and keep a totalitarian regime (cough! cough!, yes, I know, I’m pointing at the mirror). I’m not saying that they should follow the ex-Soviet example of breaking up the country at the hinges of the weakest links of their former territory, but, it is evident that forcing cohesion can demonstrate to be unbearable in the long term.

Attack in China Kills 16 Border Patrol Officers –

The assault, the deadliest terrorist attack in China since the early 1990s, took place 2,100 miles from Beijing, but just four days before the start of the Olympics, adding to security concerns in the capital as hundreds of thousands of foreign athletes, journalists and spectators begin to arrive.

China, anxious to avert any possibility of terrorist attack during the Games, has girded Beijing with soldiers, missile launchers and sidewalk cameras. The heavy surveillance did not prevent a small protest near Tiananmen Square on Monday by people who said they had not been compensated after their homes were demolished for a redevelopment project, but a swarm of police officers rapidly broke it up.

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