How’s this for drumming in Armageddon?

The linked article is also reporting U. S. Defence Secretary Robert M. Gates was forced to cancel a trip to South America due to the emergency situation throughout West Asia (Middle East). It is an alarming situation to Washington and European governments since it has finally dawned on them Tehran was never interested in any peaceful resolution to its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, nor was Iran ever interested in waging a major war with Israel, since Israel is by no means the rival for international dominance and regional influence the West is. That is why Tehran really noticed and monitored the Rome Conference last year and the arrival of European units in south Lebanon afterward. Tehran knew it meant Rome was back and leading the West again into the region something Tehran did not want to see, so Iran had al-Qaeda declare them an enemy of Islam. That is why Rome’s role in World War III is very similar to London’s role in World War II. Rome is replacing Brussels and not only during the war but in the post-World War III world because the area of concentration for the West is no longer the North Atlantic but the Mediterranean.


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