War and literary flair…

Well, I thought Debka would take the prize for literary flair in their reporting but some in the Islamic world can write with imagination too… Hmmm, I really wonder… The whole region has had, for millenia, some of the greatest poets and writers in the world. Their verse and prose are full of metaphors and a richness of style that is very difficult to emulate in the West.

I wish we weren’t reading about war, terrorism and injustice. I would spend a lot more time reading some of what is written in the MIddle East.

So Much for Israel’s 1.2 Kilometer “Security Zone” :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq – ch

The IOF “is still nearly 20 miles from the Litani and even after reaching the river there will still be concentrations of Hezbollah units in and around the Palestinian refugee camps of Tyre. Here Israel will encircle the city, lay siege to it, instead of a frontal assault and use artillery and air attacks to eliminate any enemy rocket fire,” reports Willard Payne for News Blaze, quoting the pro-Likudite DEBKAfile. Translation: in standard Zionist fashion, the IOF will engage in a medieval siege of the ancient Phoenician city with a history going back to 2700 BC, according to the Ionian traveler and storyteller Herodotus. Its 117,100 inhabitants will be ethnically cleansed and those who remain will be exterminated, a now well established Israeli modus operandi.


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