The Spanish Virus…

Mmmwwaahaha!! We care coming to get you. We are like the Borg of language. Resistance is futile. Your grandchildren will recite Cervantes the same way they can now recite the Psalms…  Pass the Corona, please.

Oops!! I wrote this in English. Oh well, just a reminder that not all of us are “language challenged” -to put it mildly- and can juggle more than one. – Navarrette: What really bothers immigration foes – Aug 11, 2006

The Hutchison-Pence plan forces the anti-amnesty crowd to level finally with the rest of us about what really bothers them. If it is that people are here illegally, or that the border isn’t secure, then the plan has that covered. But if it’s the fear that Anglo-Saxon culture and the English language are being eroded by Spanish-speaking foreigners, and that the country is going down the tubes because of it — then this plan doesn’t offer much relief.


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