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Now that I’ve got your attention here are some theories on religion, culture and societies. I came across the article below after I followed a Google Alert on Debka to this other article.  Let’s call it the “Theory of conquering without wars”. I take this approach any time. As for societies changing, well, we can theorize all we want but the fact remains that the only fixed point in space about it is just that: Change. Societies are fluid. They may seem otherwise in a linear space-time continuum only because human lives are short and although history is a reference tool, it isn’t the steering wheel. Trying to hold down a given set of cultural values is like holding water with your hands. I agree that change can be somewhat steered, but, it cannot be controled. There are no Grand Plans that have passed the test of time.

Interesting site.

TCS Daily – Culture and the Demographic Crisis

Religion is the way that humans attempt to put into language, stories, art and ritual their guesses about such things. As a species whose major and unique specialization is language, we are meaning-seeking beings, and when the buck of meaning has been passed around the various contents of the world about us, it ends up usually in the plate of religion. One hypothesis about demographic collapse that might be worth checking out is that it happens when a nation loses its religion.


I do not personally accept this Spenglerian future of decline. As an
immigrant myself, and a believer in the free movement of capital,
information, and labor, I cannot accept any solution that shuts the
borders. There are counter-examples to the pattern I have suggested,
such as China and India, which kept their cultural and demographic
vitality and their religious love and veneration through millennia of
invasion — and another exception perhaps, America itself. I believe
that it is possible to have a high and reflective civilization whose
transcendent love, faith and hope burn as hotly as that of the mullahs,
and in which one can still hear the lovely din of a schoolyard at
recess. But if I were still a European, as I once was, and not an
American, as I now am, I might not be so sure.


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