Humorless at the Department of State…

can I say, most of the time I don’t have to beat my writer’s block to death. Many times, things to write about seem to fall on my lap. A few minutes ago, I received a comment to this entry 370hssv 0773h (click that link to see the entry and the comment). Mind you, I posted the darn thing back in December 2005, after I received it as one of those silly e-mail chains that spam the net. That is the first comment I get on the entry and was approved without a second thought. After all, everyone is entitled to an opinion. If the guy doesn’t find the joke funny I respect that. Furthermore, he’s right and it is a recycled joke that seems to morph according to whoever is at the top. However, that is also the essence of works like the I Ching or the Bible (when it is used as a prophetic work): people recycles meaning according to the moment in time a quote is interpreted… I’m sure Bill Clinton, Reagan and Patriarch Bush, were also, at some point in time, the target of this same joke.

The funny thing though, the ultimate joke, is what I discovered when I was reviewing the stats for my site, something I do regularly. Believe me people, I could not make this up even if I wanted to. If you click on the thumbnail you will see a screen capture of a very interesting hit to my blog. This person found my blog using this search (
and I have the dubious honor of being, as of today (this will most likely jump me to the top) the fourth entry on those keywords out of a total of some 21,000 entries –ahhh…, God bless Google and its smug sense of humor… I wonder if Rick is commenting on every single one of them on time bought with my tax dollars… The surprise was to find out that Rick is hailing from U.S. State Department. Is this the way they conduct surveillance? Rick, come on, I’m sure the NSA was all over that entry even before I thought of writing it. As for lacking “originality”, well…, what can I say, there is nothing “original” about many, perhaps all, works of faith and people do seem to fall dead like flies while misquoting their texts and mobilizing people behind made up “banners-of-the-moment.” Bear in mind also that most government policies (and for “government” I’m using the word in the most generic form and it could be the government of the U.S., UK, France or Kenya for all that it matters) are massive works of faith; nothing more; nothing less. Speaking of ironies and synchronicity, while I write this, I’m watching our stemmed president on CNN giving a speech at the American Legion in Salt Lake City and I feel like I’m in Sunday School. We are so stuck in third gear that it appears to be impossible to slow down the rhetoric of “terror”. Perhaps the concept of “self-fulfilling prophecies” of death and doom and the metaphor of “crying wolf” hasn’t even crossed the mind of the powers that be.

On the other hand, what the hell do I know? I’m just a citizen hooked on the Net, the BBC and CNN…



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