Apocalyptic musings… (or An Amazon.com humorous point of view…)

So, I was watching CNN this afternoon and with all the current events in the Middle East and in the archeological department they were interviewing Joel Rosenberg and Jerry B. Jenkins (the co-author of the Left Behind series). Although I don’t subscribe to thinly veiled dogma in the form of fiction thrillers and refuse to read them, I was curious about Rosenberg as I’ve never heard about his books (pardon me, Mr. Rosenberg…). I searched his name in Amazon and of course, I found his books. Two of those books in the list, as of today, are yet to be released. I clicked on “Epicenter: Why current rumblings in the middle east will change your future”, which appears to be a non-fiction book with some very pragmatic views and opinions about the, let’s put it mildly, “changing of the world”. All fine and dandy until you scroll down in the page and find the information contained in the picture above (click on thumbnail and look at where the black arrow is pointing to)…

Ahem…!! People, I would discount the connection as the humorous glitch of a mindless computer sitting deep in the vaults of Amazon’s headquarters but I can’t: It is created by humans. The connection is indeed hilarious because those recommendations are the result of statistical orders on similar books at the site. Why hilarious? Because people is connecting the “End of the World”  with things like “creating your own will”. So…, I have a small question, you are leaving your possessions to whom exactly?

   A. Satan’s minions?;

   B. All those “Left Behind” after the Rapture?;

   C. The IRS (whom will most likely survive the “Tribulations” to tax you another day)? or

   D. All of the above.

The only thing I can rescue as positive of this whole issue is that those people are not paying a lawyer to draft an Apocalypse inspired “Last Will and Testament…”

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