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Apocalyptic musings… (or An humorous point of view…)

So, I was watching CNN this afternoon and with all the current events in the Middle East and in the archeological department they were interviewing Joel Rosenberg and Jerry B. Jenkins (the co-author of the Left Behind series). Although I … Continue reading

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Debka File Adds…

Sigh… News with a twist and editorial opinions. With that kind of linear thinking I guess is “one down and ‘n posts’ to go…” Nice. Guys, just in case you want to spare a few posts, here is a map … Continue reading

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Remember the photgraph of the girls drawing little Israeli flags on artillety shells? Below is a disclaimer in the form of “context”: CJR Daily: About Those Photos of Little Girls and Artillery Shells … They had just spent the last … Continue reading

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We can only wish…

…it was about God and religion… It has everything to do with turf, power and greed. On both sides of the fence. Lightstalkers :: from beirut to the journalist-LISTEN INSHALLAH! As we, over here, love to say…it means god willing. … Continue reading

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If reviewed by him…

…I feel much better…. Sigh… What a bunch of dictatorial crooks. BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush ‘blocked phone tap inquiry’ Mr Bush had refused them security clearance, Mr Gonzales told senators. A White House spokesman responded by saying the … Continue reading

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Like a spy novel…

I keep telling you, Debka reads like a fiction bestseller. Just the way the reports are written is quite engaging… DEBKAfile – Bush Wants the Hizballah-Israel War to Give Iran a Bloody Nose America’s Day of Independence 2006 was selected … Continue reading

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Forget CNN and others…

If you want to know another “version” of the news in the Middle East, albeit heavily biased towards the Israeli side, read Debka At the very least is more interesting and novelesque… DEBKAfile – DEBKAfile adds: The Hermel drug-farming pocket … Continue reading

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Earth and Happiness

This goes to show that to find happiness in the “raw” you must almost leave the planet. Vanuatu is so far removed from everything that short of a destiny akin to the legend of Atlantis you have no choice but … Continue reading

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Cool picture from the past…

BBC NEWS | Europe | Photo of Mozart’s widow found A print of the only photograph of Mozart’s widow, Constanze Weber, has been found in Germany. The photograph was taken in 1840 in the Bavarian town of Altoetting when she … Continue reading

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Net neutrality in jeopardy…

Sometimes I wonder what are the Republicans (and some Democrats) smoking… Why try to heal a bullet hole? Isn’t better not to shoot the gun in the first place? Little evidence that there would be discriminatory pricing doesn’t mean it … Continue reading

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