Still here

Well, I haven’t gone anywhere. Always here, following the same routine. I’ve been doing a lot of reading though. Online and off-line, something that would make my pen-pal, Joel Biroco, happy.

I don’t have many excuses for not writing. I stopped writing after I sent the entry about Misguided Targets. I suppose a lot of frustration went into making that observation. The situation with the war in Iraq –which hasn’t improved that I can see–, the Presidential Race (lost), the U.S. rapport with the rest of the world, etc., can bring that kind of commentaries out of an observant person. I mean, if you do share such a vantage point of view.

I won’t get into the controversy of analyzing the “other” half of the American population. Suffice is to say that I see it as refusing to let go of a bad marriage: when divorce is out of the question, you just try to carry it the best way you can.

On the practical side of things, I’ve been redesigning my Spanish blog and adding some links. Lots of what I believe is very good writing is done in Spanish.

Let’s hope I can keep the commitment and write more often.

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