Moonrise, V2.0

I took this picture last Saturday Night while sitting at a Marching Band competition (my son plays tenor sax…). We were in awe as the moon started to rise and had the red color you can see in the picture. Julie asked me to take the picture and at first I said no since I didn’t have my tripod and was concerned the picture would come out blurry by taking it hand-held. Then I said “what the heck”, I pumped up the ISO in the camera to 1600, focused and shot it… I forgot I took it (one among 350 other pictures I took of the competition…) until I got home and started browsing thru the pictures. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it… Talk about lucky shots! The image has no other adjustments than tweaking the Levels to fix the Contrast. The color is all Lady Moon’s own make-up…

One thought on “Moonrise, V2.0”

  1. these are great images, they make more conscious of nature and the worst abuses commited in it today, i hope people are educated more of the beauty of our world. thanks for the effort. i will stay hooked . bye abel
    Hi Abel,
    thanks so much for your comment!! I agree with you there is a need for documenting abuses, specially environmental abuses.

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